Electric assistance of direction tested and approved by the biggest automobile groups (PSA, Renault, Toyota) with a computer modified, doubled by a button of manual regulation to vary the power of the assistance to adapt them to the former cars.

The vehicle which must be equipped with this direction has to be necessarily at least 12 volts in the mass and be provided of a drum kit which we can supply optional.

Getting a security element of the vehicle, the editing must be made according to the rules book and most professionally possible. Supplies with his note and photos, you can same come true this editing, few tools will be necessary for you.


In this system your car keeps his specificities of origin :
– Steering box or steering Mack
– steering lock
– number of tour (tower,ballot) of steering wheel
– the column and its steering wheel Principe of functioning
The system measures your effort on the steering wheel and amplifies it towards the direction (management) of origin via a sensor of couple connected with the computer which sending its information in the electric engine. The button of regulation allows you: -Car park or laborer (operation) = maximal power – road= Regulation in your demand or use of the direction(management) of origin